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reinventing marketing to women with Bec Brideson


5 steps to staying positive after negative feedback

Spring forward: renewing your purpose

Ironically, my path to a new life occurred during early spring of last year.  Yes, it was during the season of rebirth and a literal time change that I sensed a fervent desire and need for a change of my own―a grand shift in my everyday existence and career.   A Life of Wonder I stood in my mother’s established garden, which had already begun to explode with vibrant colour and sweet scents.  I had grown up in this place and for years, helped Mum carry buckets full of long-stem roses and lilies into her flower shop just one street…

How to handle other people’s mistakes like the professional you are

Everybody makes mistakes.  But not everybody handles those mistakes well.  Or at all. We’ve all come across that person in the office who won’t admit they’ve slipped up, or the person who tries to blame someone else.  Or the person who makes a mistake, apologises with a smile, and then does the exact same thing…

Forget motivation; habit is your key to success

“People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.” – F.M. Alexander Mark Manson, New York Times bestselling author of “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck” said, “Most people exert their willpower on achieving temporary fixes whereas willpower should be expended on developing life-long habits.” If you…

Why following your spouse abroad is an opportunity to reinvent yourself

At the time, I was excited about the idea. Having lived in several countries during my single life, I was happy to explore another country and a new culture.  My then fiancé’s exciting job offer in the Philippines presented a brand new opportunity for both of us.  I didn’t hesitate to quit my job in…

Being open, growing more

Feeling closed off, sluggish, or stuck at work?  Trying to hit your stride as you adjust to something new? Maybe it’s simply time to lift restrictions that you’ve either consciously or unconsciously placed on yourself.  I’m talking about making an honest effort to be open, to try new things, to be inspired, and to grow―come…

5 steps to improving your self-awareness

Being self-aware can have a positive impact on every part of your life – from your relationships, to your confidence and contentment, to your ability to shine in your career. If you really know what you’re good at, you’ll be clear about the type of job that will best suit your personality and skills. The…

How to manage the overcritical family member

“You know that dress adds another 10cm onto your hips, don’t you?” “So…you’re going with the blue then?” “Um…do you like your hair that colour?” Do any of these sound familiar? Why is it that the people you are closest to are the ones that seem to think that the normal rules of polite conversation…

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How to radically grow your business profit


What no one tells you about quitting your day job

“It must be so nice to be your own boss.” That’s probably the most overheard phrase if you are an entrepreneur or a freelancer. “I wish I could work in…

5 daily mindset exercises to help you conquer the world

You could be forgiven for thinking that all the current talk about daily mindset practice is just for the woo-woo crowd. That’s certainly what I thought. Until I tried it….

MISS014: Reinventing Marketing to Women with Bec Brideson

Bec wants to change the world’s attitudes to women and business. A pioneer and innovator in the power of the female consumer, she helps forward-thinking businesses develop strategies and solutions…

MISS003: Stop, Collaborate and LISTEN! with Jess Ruhfus

Jess Ruhfus is the Founder & CEO of Collabosaurus, an online match-making platform for brands. Her passion for creative brand experiences moved her from a background in fashion PR and small…

5 steps to staying positive after negative feedback

We’ve all been there: overthinking a bad review, obsessing over a co-worker’s comment, or feeling anger and resentment towards a friend who criticised our actions. We replay the scene again…