Dreaming of starting your own business?

is life telling you it’s time for a career change?

Starting a new business can be daunting. But continuing this pattern in a dead end job week after week is perhaps even scarier for you.

Natalie Hughes | Jul 24, 2019 | Photograph by: Mason Wilkes

Ready to quit your job? Feeling anxiety and stress at every turn? Stuck, suffocating, or straight-up unhappy?

Starting a new business can be daunting. But continuing this pattern in a dead end job week after week is perhaps even scarier for you.

I know, it’s tempting to hone in on ‘the job’ when considering a career change. But your job is only a piece of your life. A significant piece, sure. If you’re working 8 hours a day (or more), we’re talking about nearly a third of your everyday living (or more).

I want to encourage you right now though to take a holistic life approach.

Today, we’ll look at several aspects of life that may be telling you it’s time for an entrepreneurial lifestyle.


Listen to all aspects of life…

I want you to think about every area below. And this is only a starting point. You’ll think of other areas. But ask the questions. Answer them honestly.

Likely, your life is talking to you. Take some time to quiet yourself. And listen to what it’s telling you.


Workflow (or the lack of)

When you’re thinking about a career change, this is the obvious starting point.

Begin by asking yourself a few questions: Are you learning at work? Do you feel undervalued or underpaid? Are you experiencing a loss of interest or passion?

Do you have negative feelings toward even the simplest of tasks? Are you dreading Mondays and every other day for that matter?

Is your workplace environment toxic in any way? Consider the setting, your coworkers, or even your manager or boss. A number of work factors could be contributing to a longing for more.

If your work life is telling you you’re disengaged, drained, and uninspired, it’s time to begin considering a shift. A beautiful shift toward purpose and fulfilment.


Home & family

Don’t simply glance over this section if you’re living the single life. Don’t skip ahead if you say, “Well, I don’t have any children.” These components of life are still important. Continue asking questions.

Are you uncomfortable in your own space – your apartment or house? Are you easily offended or frustrated with family and friends these days? Are negative feelings becoming more common, even when you’re trying to enjoy time away from the office?

Whether you’re single or married or whether you have kids or not, this applies to every woman. A safe place to rest and re-energize, as well as people to interact and share with – these are vital.

Think about your friendships and family relationships. Really think about your time off the clock.

Are you still working when you should be cooking, enjoying meals and games, hanging out, relaxing, and sleeping? Something has to change.


Health & wellness

It’s common that when a stressed individual transitions into a better-suited career, her physical and mental wellness improve.

Is your health suffering because of stress or other factors at work? Do you lack clarity and the ability to think positively and creatively? Does work leave you feeling overworked, underappreciated, and stuck? All of these can contribute to an unhealthy frame of mind. And a worn, exhausted body.

It’s important to take care of you. People love you and count on you. And you want to be the best you can be. But to support others, you must support yourself. Keep your head, heart, and all the other moving parts in check.

When you feel great, you’ll meet with what you love. And you’ll love doing it.

Need business training? Here is the ideal mentoring program! You can feel great about learning and love this initial part of start up success as well.


Overall joy & growth

Usually, women don’t pair their careers with the word “fun.” It’s something we’ve gotto do. But are you experiencing joy at work, at home, and at play? Do you smile – at others andto yourself? Do you have fun?

We all have tough days and even seasons. But if you count more bad times than good, life may be telling you something.

Are you satisfied? Do you feel like yourself? Do you feel like you’re growing regularly, into a better version of you?

The right career for you will have a huge impact on your existence. Your perspective on all of life will beautifully alter when you finally find yourself in your element.

The entrepreneurial lifestyle may be exactly what you need.


Saying Goodbye

Right now, you’re getting a taste of Goodbye Day Job, my starter business course. It’s all about women and the transition from your current day job to starting a new business.

Maybe the desire is there. But are you really ready? Do you have a plan? What setup will poise you for maximum success?

Goodbye Day Job helps you answer those questions with confidence!


Is it time?

Sure, start up success comes with its own set of challenges. But the rewards are oh so very high.

Last questions: When the work week begins, wouldn’t it be nice to feel empowered instead of already drained? Wouldn’t it be terrific to feel inspired instead of burdened? Free instead of stressed?

I hear you. Loud and clear. Life is suggesting that you get on with it. It’s talking to you.

I’m here to help you understand how to listen and learn. And how to truly love your work story.




Natalie Hughes founded Miss Independent in 2017, to educate and mentor women and help them make their best career and business decisions. Natalie is an experienced business woman and non-executive company director focused on organisational design, strategy, growth and innovation. Her goal is to help you think differently, work differently and feel in control of your own destiny.

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