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what is your daily commitment?

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Michelle Welsch | Aug 27, 2018 | Photograph by: Alisa Anton


The word brings about all sorts of responses, from fuzzy warm feelings to sweat-inducing panic.  Yet a daily commitment — call it routine, practice, a treat, self care, or just “me time” — is instrumental to productivity, creativity, confidence, and wellbeing.

This regular practice doesn’t need to be elaborate or time consuming.  Roll out your yoga mat at home or take a walk around the block.

The most important aspect of this is the commitment.  A daily reminder that when everything around you is swirling, floating, and mad there is something you can draw upon within yourself that is calm and true.  A promise to yourself that you are the top priority in your life.

Every day.

Of course schedules shift and responsibilities can be demanding and your to-do list seems to be getting longer by the week.  Your daily treat may look different from one day to the next.  On Monday stop by the Farmer’s Market on your way home from work.  Tuesday pack a sandwich for an outside lunch.  Light a candle Wednesday evening.  Linger over your Thursday morning cup of coffee. Join a Friday night group fitness class.  Invite a friend for a Saturday hike.  Stretch out in bed Sunday morning and listen to the birds outside.

The action and the doing isn’t as important as the commitment, an acknowledgement that taking time for yourself (yes, even five minutes!) betters EVERYTHING:



By giving to yourself and prioritizing your own needs, you can more easily give to others.  Connecting with your self each day will help you value and communicate your self worth in both social situations, personal relationships, and at work.



Your daily recharge will keep you fueled.  When projects are daunting and obstacles test your edges, moments you take for yourself will empower you to tackle challenges with full strength.



No, you are not a machine and no, you don’t have a battery.  But no human is an endless reservoir.  Your daily practice directly impacts your ability to stay focused and present in meetings, in conversations with friends, and for your family.



If you don’t make an effort to recharge and reset, your health may suffer.  You may find your sleep habits disrupted and your immune system taking a hit when you forget to take time for yourself.

Five minutes.

Commit to yourself, regardless of time or place or circumstance, and set an intention to place your health and wellbeing first.


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