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MISS014: Reinventing Marketing to Women with Bec Brideson



Bec wants to change the world’s attitudes to women and business. A pioneer and innovator in the power of the female consumer, she helps forward-thinking businesses develop strategies and solutions to make more money with the fastest growing economic market.

With over twenty years as a communications specialist, Bec has acquired considerable recognition for her creative work and has won accolades at the Clio’s, London International and New York Festivals. Bec was instrumental in the successful launch of Virgin Airlines into Australia and the AFL Women’s league in early 2017.

A singular leader and visionary, Bec was one of only 3% of females to have risen to the title of Creative Director before starting Australia’s first marketing-to-women agency Venus Comms in 2004.

As an influential speaker, facilitator, mentor and coach, Bec now helps business leaders uncover what women really want, and how to transform this into exponential business growth.

Her first book ‘Blind Spots: How to uncover and attract the fastest emerging economy’ is due for release in September 2017 with Wiley.

In this episode of Miss Independent I talk with Bec about:

  • How she is using her advertising career experience to advise organisation’s to understand the power of the female economy and helping them grow their business and profit by talking more effectively to the female buyer.

  • Her career path, the traditional advertising model and workplace, and how she adapted to fit in and build a successful career. She shares her valuable learning’s and experiences and some of the real challenges of working in a male dominated industry.

  • What the marketing to women model looks like, why women are such great brand advocates and how her client insights led her to establish her own advertising agency, Venus Communication, specialising in marketing to the female audience.

  • The complexities of the gender debate and why it’s important to continue the conversation around gender differences to build greater understanding with a view to achieve the ultimate goal of equality in the home, community and workplace.

  • Why it’s important to speak and market to women with an intelligent voice and to avoid the over sexualisation of women, giving mindfulness to the negative impact this type of stereotyping has on influencing women and men.

  • How corporates can bravely use the power of marketing to connect with their audiences, and at the same time positively use this as a platform to raise the profile of important issues that require positive messaging and influence.

  • The action she is taking to keep the conversation strong about female economy facts and how she helps organisation’s transform to achieve exponential growth. This includes her bringing the 3% Conference to Australia late August 2017 – an event and movement that celebrates the value of women, as both consumers and as creatives. And also the release of her first book in September 2017, “Blind Spots: How to uncover and attract the fastest emerging economy”.

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References and contact details for Bec:

Website www.becbrideson.com
LinkedIn Personal Profile www.linkedin.com/in/becbrideson
LinkedIn Company Page www.linkedin.com/company-beta/7589095 

Books mentioned in the podcast:

“Blind Spots: How to Uncover and Attract the Fastest Emerging Economy”, by Bec Brideson

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