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MISS012: The Power of Design Thinking with Fiona Triaca



Meet Fiona Triaca, the Founder and CEO of Naked Ambition. She’s got an open mind, strong business acumen and a real love for design thinking. Her cross-industry knowledge in London’s financial markets, corporate strategy and immersion in the creative industry have armed her with the tools to create the programs her clients need.

“Design Thinking is a powerful and proven methodology to solve complex organisational challenges and drive innovation.”

The Naked Ambition team comprises of UX designers, experience & service designers, strategists and storytellers who embrace the scary, love exploring uncharted territory and who live all things design.

The Naked Ambition team works collaboratively with their customers through the design thinking process to ensure that changes are not just cosmetic, rather a foundation from which the company can grow. Each project educates all involved, and in doing so, they set each business up for success.

Naked Ambition’s conscious approach to change supports each client to learn, iterate and innovate their space in the market. They bring out the entrepreneurial zest of each team member and remind companies that some of their greatest ideas will surface from the people who live and breathe the business philosophy each day – they only need to listen.

In this episode of Miss Independent I talk with Fiona about:

  • What motivated her to establish Naked Ambition, how she got started, her early learning’s as a start up, how she acquired her first customers and what she’d do differently if she had her time again.

  • How Naked Ambition products and services developed and evolved to their current form and focus on design thinking and intrapreneurship programs for corporate and individual clients.

  • The power of using design thinking to solve problems, challenges and to bring new ideas to life. With this, Fiona offers a real life example of using design thinking in your professional life to make a strong career change decision and also how businesses are using it to drive team building and innovation.

  • How Intrapreneur’s are driving change within organisation’s and how this is a growing trend for organisation’s to develop new ideas, achieve new business growth, and also to grow engagement and retention of talented employees.

  • The Design Thinking Boot Camp for beginners to learn the fundamental concepts and steps involved in tackling challenges from a design thinking perspective, and see your organisational challenges through a new lens.

  • Her eclectic and fascinating career experience and how it’s led to her current success with Naked Ambition and her ability to understand and apply her core strengths to business and to her client experience. Fiona also shares what’s important to her on a day-to-day basis and her renewed passion and vision for her business, and life in general.

References and contact details for Fiona:

Website www.naked-ambition.com.au
Instagram www.instagram.com/mynakedambition/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Naked-Ambition-554294991275232
LinkedIn Personal Profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/fionatriaca
LinkedIn Company Page www.linkedin.com/company-beta/3262327/

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