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MISS010: Naked for Change with Penny Locaso



Penny Locaso is fast establishing herself as a purpose driven game changer with a bold mission to teach one million women how to nail happiness in work and life by 2020.

Recently Penny delivered a keynote in her bathing suit in front of 100 professionals, to demonstrate the power of getting comfortable with discomfort in order to make happy change. The moment went viral, was accoladed by professionals globally and inspired the #nakedforchange movement encouraging individuals to practice vulnerability for meaningful change in business and life.

With 20 years experience leveraging change and collaboration to empower happier lives and workplaces, Penny has in the past year: launched the #NakedForChange Online Academy to teach the how of happiness in work and life, facilitated workshops with global brands and local businesses to enable over 1000 curious beings to initiate positive change and CoFounded The FBOMB YouTube Show.

Penny has been published and quoted for her change expertise in the Huffington Post, Daily Mail UK, SmartCompany, Conscious Magazine, StartUp Smart, Smarter Magazine, The Age, Womens Agenda, The Sydney Morning Herald & NZ Entrepreneur.

In this episode of Miss Independent I talk with Penny about:

  • What motivated her to strip down to her bathing suit when giving a professional presentation early in 2017 and why she believes in practicing what she preaches.

  • Why she believes vulnerability is the new authenticity and her recommendation that people step into their own vulnerability through the practice of micro bravery.

  • Why innovation and diversity is being hindered because the corporate environment does not support vulnerability and failure. And why the corporate world is starving for leaders and people who display vulnerability.

  • How and why many people have a mid life awakening and feel starved for happiness and joy in their life, along with how Penny helps people move into a space where they are ready to embrace change and make change, bit by bit.

  • Her own personal experience with creating happy change in her life, how this looks different for different people and how others can weave happy change into their every day. The 5 key areas her research shows that make most people feel happy: Human Connection, Experiences, Presence, Achievement, Impact.

  • How and why she designed her new life and career with the goal to lead by example. And the big reason she set out to create and build a business that has a positive impact on others that is also sustainable long term.

  • The #NakedforChange academy and her latest #NakedforChange 101 4-week program designed to teach people how to make change in bite sized pieces. The program is for people who want change in their life or work and don’t know where to start.

References and contact details for Penny:

Website www.bkindred.com.au
Instagram www.instagram.com/b.kindred/
Facebook www.facebook.com/BKindred.com.au/
Twitter www.twitter.com/weRBKindred
LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/pennylocaso/
YouTube How to Get #NakedForChange presentation

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