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MISS003: Stop, Collaborate and LISTEN! with Jess Ruhfus



Jess Ruhfus is the Founder & CEO of Collabosaurus, an online match-making platform for brands. Her passion for creative brand experiences moved her from a background in fashion PR and small business marketing to developing a partnerships platform for brands of all sizes.

She believes that business collaborations are necessary to build a modern business, gain exposure in new locations and reach audiences in an authentic way. Whether it be for referral partnerships, product, social media or event collaborations, Jess built Collabosaurus as a way to source and create growth opportunities in any industry.

In this episode of Miss Independent I talked with Jess about:

  • How the Collabosaurus online platform works for the user

  • Examples of brands coming together for a collaboration

  • The different types of Collaborations that work

  • Her early work that inspired her idea and opportunity to create Collabosaurus

  • How she got it up and running in the early days

  • The learning’s, mistakes and surprises when setting up a new business

  • The value of pulling in experts and support when you need it

  • Her commitment and dedication to making it work, including running 3 jobs to make money and keep the dream alive

  • The power of practicing what you preach and the resources she used by establishing her own collaborations

  • Why it’s important to put yourself out there to create new opportunities

  • How confronting and difficult she found it to pitch her business to potential investors

  • Why business plans are important but you need to be agile

  • What brings her the most joy from her business

  • How the difficult times are real and emotional but also character building

  • The importance of knowing who you can turn to in your network for support

  • What she loves to do in her spare time for leisure, pleasure, fun and relaxation

  • Her advice to anyone wanting to set up their own business

  • How she is always looking for new products and services to enhance the Collabosaurus customer experience

  • Why the new Collabohub is a winning support product for anyone wanting to build collaborations. (with templates, tools, legal contracts and strategy calls with a Collabohub team expert)

  • And what Jess has planned for the next 12 months for Collabosaurus and herself…..

References and contact details for Jess:

Website https://collabosaurus.com
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/collabosaurus/
Email jess@collabosaurus.com

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