Miss Independent Mentoring


Miss Independent offers one-to-one mentoring with Natalie Hughes.

Natalie is the founder of Miss Independent and an experienced corporate executive, business growth strategist and non executive director. No matter where you are in the world, you can access Natalie’s mentor service online via Skype. Face-to-face sessions in Melbourne, Australia can be specially requested.  

Go ahead and choose the mentoring package listed below to meet your current needs. If you aren’t sure which mentor package will suit you best, contact Natalie for help and guidance. Or, book here for a Quick Chat over Skype to explore your mentoring needs with Natalie.
FOCUS NOW Mentor Session


This is an instant recharge 1-hour session.

Ideal if you are struggling with a career or business decision, or have an issue impacting your job performance or job satisfaction.


1-hour session

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FUTURE YOU Mentor Session


A mentoring program designed to give you clarity about your future career or business plans.


Ideal if you want to develop, prepare and organise yourself for promotion or a new work or business opportunity.


5 x 1-hour sessions

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REINVENT YOU Mentor Session


A mentoring program designed to guide you toward the new career or business of your dreams.


Ideal if you need confidence, guidance, tactics and support to actively pursue a new career, start your own business or change business direction.


8 x 1-hour sessions

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