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About Miss Independent


Miss Independent is passionate about educating and mentoring women.
We transform your dreams into strategies, and action into results.

“Love what you do, and do it on your own terms!”

Miss Independent will help you find the answers you need to become more intentional in work and in life.

We are for forward thinkers and freedom seekers.  We are for future focused female leaders, innovators and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

We inspire women to trust in themselves and their abilities, and to do what feels right!


Discover and reconnect with the real you of today and get focused on who you could be tomorrow. 

You have what it takes to make a difference and to feel joy from the work you do.

We celebrate your uniqueness and want to help you and every woman in the world be the best version of themselves.

Living life on your own terms doesn’t need to be complicated.  It’s all about focus, mindset…and a healthy dose of attitude.

Make a bold new start today!

Expand your knowledge with the Miss Independent podcast and blog; a trusted voice you can come to anytime to gain real practical insights and learn strategies to transform your career and life.

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Meet the CEO + Founder


Natalie Hughes founded Miss Independent in 2017 and launched with a podcast that features conversations with women in leadership and business.

The popularity of the podcast led Natalie to expand the brand into a blog and online learning tool. This great response further fuelled Natalie’s passion to help women make their best career and business decisions.

A seasoned business woman herself and non-executive company director, Natalie is as comfortable sitting around a boardroom table strategising about big business as she is behind a microphone and thriving in the entrepreneurial world.

You can trust that Natalie will steer you toward a career and business that is both fulfilling and financially rewarding.  Marketing, Strategy and Finance has been her thing for 20+ years and she is renowned for taking businesses to the next level.

She’s held leadership positions in male dominant industries and understands first hand the trials and challenges of being seen, heard and appreciated for your strengths and unique qualities.

Natalie is committed to providing you with career and business development resources that will help you think differently, work differently, and feel in control of your own destiny.

She is all about helping you connect with the real you to build your own work story. One that is meaningful to you and makes you feel alive and happy every single day.



Drake, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, RnB anything!


Vietnamese or Japanese cuisine.  Yum!


Meditation when I wake and then a Barre or Pilates class.  I love to relax with a nice breakfast after exercising. I sit with a pot of green tea and catch up reading emails from sites I’ve subscribed to and enjoy.  Every other weekend I’m with my 2 sons, which often means going to their basketball games or an AFL game.  I’m an avid football supporter and can’t help but give the umpires assistance with their decisions.


Thailand with my girlfriends that I went to high school with.  Can’t wait.  Look out Thailand!

Natalie would love to support you and your career.

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