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This site provides you with a variety of ways to be mentored, feel inspired and take action to design a meaningful career or business that you love and the financial independence you long for.

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  • About Me

    About Me

    Hello! I’m Natalie. A born and raised Aussie girl, with a passion to see women playing big in the world. I’ve proudly created Miss Independent to help mentor and inspire women to be the best version of themself.

    Through the Miss Independent podcast, blog and mentor programs, I will help turn your ambition into action.


Why this? Why now?

The honest answer is, I feel so strongly right now about the role I can play to empower women and positively influence the way we work and live. I want to share my experience and wisdom with other women. I’ve had my fair share of struggles throughout my career and I got through it pretty well, but often I felt alone fighting my way through.

I don’t want you to be alone.

To set the record straight, I was a pretty average student in high school. I battled my way into University and I was quick to drop out. At the time I couldn’t see my future clearly. I knew I wanted to return to University, but I needed to work for a while. I wanted to feel like I was an adult, earn some money, then work out the best career for me.

And so began at the age of 18 my professional working career and my hustle up the ranks of the corporate world.

I got a low level job in accounting firm, Ernst and Young and I loved it. I was a top performer, always sought out new opportunities and I was promoted quickly. I did in fact return to University, and earned the wonderful perk of a university scholarship supported by Ernst and Young.
  • About Me 3

My motto from here on became, “where there’s a will there’s a way”.

With strong professional services training and experience, I felt confident and capable to achieve anything I wanted. The hard part? I sometimes hit the brakes or that invisible brick wall because I didn’t know what I wanted next. I felt it was important to do my fair share of ‘time’ in a job, but I would get itchy feet after a while and want to hunt out the next challenge and buzz. I love to continually trial, test and add new skills and experience to my career portfolio. Not to mention, I do have a little rebellious side to me. The benefit? I like to challenge the status quo, rules and processes. The downside? I have trouble conforming to the normal way of applying for advertised jobs.
About Me 4

So what happened then? I paved my own way and curated every job I’ve ever had.

I became a “career crafter”.

It has taken me from being a Chartered Accountant, to Finance Manager, to Commercial Manager, to Marketing Manager, to Strategy Manager, to Executive General Manager.

It will come as no surprise to you in reading this list of job titles, I have a passion for delivering financial results for the businesses I work with. Always have and always will!

Nowadays, I feel an even greater satisfaction helping others to live the life they want.

This has led me to my current role as a Non Executive Director of not for profit organisation, FMC Mediation and Counselling, AND to create Miss Independent.

About Me 4.2

My social conscious is at the heart of the work I do these days.

I want to help women thrive in their relationships and feel fully engaged in the workplace.

I want to play an active role to grow the participation and success of women in the corporate world and in business.

I believe that ultimately this is a valuable force in driving economic and social growth.

As an adult, your job is a significant part of who you are and how you spend your time.

Life is too short to not be doing what you love or what has meaning and purpose for you.

BUT you need money to survive.

And that’s why Miss Independent shines the spotlight on your career, business and financial independence.

Let’s begin this journey together

Be the star of your life “Miss Independent”.

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